Established in 1958 in Tokyo, Japan, KALITA JAPAN has expanded from their beginnings as a manufacturer of paper coffee filters, to a full-line manufacturer and distributor of professional and domestic coffee preparation tools. A family-owned company now headquartered in Yokohama, KALITA JAPAN is now proud to offer their high-quality products to North America and Europe.

KALITA JAPAN has been a proud sponsor of the SCAA Event, SCAA Symposium, SCAA Coffee of the Year program, the Barista Guild of America Camp Pull-A-Shot, the US Barista Championship Brewers Cup, and the World Brewers Cup competitions.

KALITA-USA is owned and managed by Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, San Francisco, California, USA. We are the importers for KALITA CO. LTD products into North America, and are proud to represent KALITA JAPAN throughout the global specialty coffee industry.


NOTE: We are the importers and distributors for KALITA JAPAN products in North America. Warranty services are only available for products purchased through our direct resellers. Products available "grey market" (not through authorized channels) are often imitation or counterfeit merchandise, and we cannot provide customer service or warranty service on those items.


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